Certification of STP for obtaining rebate on sewerage cess from HMWS&SB within GHMC area

HMWS&SB has formulated detail guidelines vide Circular.No.MD/1852/Rebate to STPs/2013-14/71 dated 31.10.2013 to certify the consumers who have established sewage treatment plants. All the consumers who have established STPs and properly maintaining are eligible for rebate on sewage cess.

In this connection, HMWS&SB has recognized EPTRI for this certification. EPTRI will conduct inspection of STPs and will issue certificate for getting rebate from HMWS&SB.

The proponents who wish to obtain the certificate shall contact EPTRI for registration along with the payment of Rs.25,656/-. The terms of payment are as below:

Terms of Payment:

1. 100% of the amount has to be paid during registration.
2. Payment shall be made in the form of Cheque (or) Demand Draft drawn in favour of ‘EPTRI’, Hyderabad payable at Hyderabad. Click here for EPTRI Bank details.

After receipt of payment, EPTRI will intimate the concerned management about the visit and inspection will be conducted within seven days from the date of intimation.

The concerned management should assist EPTRI during site visit. All the documents related to establishment, operation and maintenance of STP are to be made available to aid in conducting the evaluation.

The proforma issued by HMWS&SB has to be duly filled by the concerned management (except for section XI) and submitted to EPTRI during the site visit for inspection.


The fee paid is for one time inspection only.
The observations and recommendations made by EPTRI are purely based on the existing status of STP, records about the operational aspects including quantity, quality, energy consumption and finally the analysis results of the samples collected.

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