Completed Projects


  • Ensuring Health and Food Safety from Rapidly Expanding Wastewater Irrigation in South Asia – The project is coordinated by International Water Management Institute (IWMI), Srilanka.
  • Environmental Audit of Oil Sites at Madagascar and Nigeria.
  • Training Programmes under Colombo Plan.


  • EPTRI played an important role in getting Environmental Clearance from GoI.
  • EIA for Veligonda, Vamsadhara and Dummugudam Hydro Electric Power Project.
  • Environmental studies in Irrigation projects
  • EIA, EMP, R&R Plan and CAT Plan updated for Pulichintala project in record time.
  • ESA for Tamilnadu Irrigation Reforms.
  • ESA for IAMWARM project of Tamil Nadu
  • Integrated Environmental Strategies (IES) analysis in India
  • Carrying Capacity Studies
  • Population growth impact and ecological studies
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