Environment and Sustainable Development (ESD)

environment-and-sustainable-development-esdESD focuses on achieving a symbiotic relationship between the community and environment concerns which is precisely the National Environment policy. It involves people’s participation and social mobilization for ensuring environmental sustainability without losing focus on development processes in consonance with the Agenda 21 document of Rio+10.

Key areas covered under this division for conducting studies, execution of projects, capacity building:



ESD has recognition from several National and International organizations such as USAID, UNDP, World Bank, Government of India and State Governments in the execution of several projects/programmes in the areas of:

  • Urban environment education
  • Environment and social assessment studies of river basins
  • Interior rural area electrification projects
  • Capacity building for preparation of SoE projects
  • CDM awareness creation and project development
  • Empowerment of stakeholders in zero waste management
  • Wasteland development through awareness creation and promotion of bio-diesel programmes
  • Natural resources and environmental accounting
  • Social and Environment Management framework
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