Environmental Engineering and Management [ E E M ]

nabetEEM Division undertakes projects in some of the following areas:

  • Design, commissioning and stabilisation of Effluent Treatment Plants (ETPs), Common Effluent Treatment Plants (CETPs) and Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs).
  • Upgradation and performance evaluation studies of existing ETPs, CETPs, STPs.
  • In-plant studies for water conservation and reduction of pollution load.
  • Design and evaluation of air pollution control equipment.
  • Providing overall environmental management for townships in terms of water supply, sewerage, STPs and solid waste management.
  • Developing standards for categorising wastes and techniques for their means of disposal.
  • Integrated Environment Audit and Risk Assessment studies for Petroleum Sites which includes – Storage Depots, Seaports, Filling Stations etc. EPTRI has undertaken a similar project at Madagascar (World Bank sponsored Project) covering about 250 petroleum sites spread across the country.
  • Integrated EIA Studies along with Risk Assessment & Analysis, HAZOP studies etc., particularly for units handling Petroleum Products.

Specialisation in EIA Studies :

  1. Major & medium irrigation projects
  2. Mining Sector
  3. Thermal & Hydro Power Projects
  4. Petroleum Sector
  5. Roads & Highway Projects
  6. Chemical Industries
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