Environmental Information System (ENVIS)

EPTRI hosts ENVIS Resource partner (RP)-Ecology of Eastern Ghats & ENVIS Hub on Status of Environment and Related Issues for Telangana funded by Ministry of Environment Forest and Climate Change (MoEFCC), Government of India. The objective of ENVIS is to systematically collect, compile and disseminate information on various issues useful to various industries, researchers, policy makers, academicians,  environmentalists, universities, Pollution Control Boards, NGOs, etc.

ENVIS Centre on Eastern Ghats:


An ENVIS Resource Partner  was set up at EPTRI in 1994 and the theme allotted to the ENVIS-EPTRI is the ‘Ecology of Eastern Ghats’, the fragile and threatened ecosystem extending from Orissa, through Andhra Pradesh to Tamil Nadu and a small part of Karnataka. The Centre is guided by the ENVIS Coordination Committee comprising of subject specialists, guided by the Director (EI) of MoEF-GoI and headed by the Director General of EPTRI. The Centre brings out two quarterly Newsletters: “The Eastern Ghats” in English and “Toorpu Kanumalu” in Telugu that are distributed to various stakeholders. A biblograpic database is also maintained.

ENVIS has expertise in preparing Peoples Biodiversity Registers (PBRs) and has carried out PBRs for Andhra Pradesh State Biodiversity Board (ABSBB).ENVIS also carries out Ecology and Biodiversity and also on carbon sequestration.

Monographs and Proceedings of the National Seminar on Conservation of Eastern Ghats held at Visakhapatnam in 1998, at Tirupati in 2002 and in Chennai in 2007. The Proceedings cover the Papers submitted and the Charter on Conservation of Eastern Ghats.

Website: http://eptrienvis.nic.in is maintained with links to the bibliographic database, e-versions of the Newsletters with archives.

Email: eptri@envis.nic.in


 ENVIS Hub on Status of Environment & Related Issues for Telangana:

The ENVIS Hub on Status of Environment Related Issues for Telangana is hosted by EPTRI. A separate website is maintained by the ENVIS Hub with a link to the Indian State Level Basic Environmental Information Database [ISBEID]. The ISBEID is a centralised database maintained by the Ministry of Environment and Forests Climate Change, Government of India for all the States on 17 parameters pertaining to the environmental issues. The Centre brings out a quarterly Newsletter “Paryavaranam” in English on various environmental issues.

EPTRI is an Empanelled  Institute  for  preparation  of  State  of  Environment  Report  by MoEFCC,  Government  of  India.  SoER of combined AP and Hyderabad of 2003 & 2009 are prepared by EPTRI. Recently ENVIS Hub has prepared report on State of Environment Report-Telangana State (SoER-TS), 2015. Presently, working on State of  Environment Report of Hyderabad -2015.

ENVIS under Green Knowledge Awareness Program (Green Knowledge Awareness Program Brochure) conducts Environmental Awareness Programs to School Children, Colleges and Universities. The centre brings out Knowledge Products – like stickers, postures, brochures, pamphlets on environmental issues.

MoEFCC under ENVIS has started – Rollout of the New Initiatives under the Revamped ENVIS scheme which includes Green Skill Development Program (GSDP) which is planned to be started from April, 2018. The training covers on Water budgeting, Pollution monitors, (Air/Water/Noise); ETP Operations, Solid Waste Management, Parataxonomy,  Plant Tissue Culture Techniques and its Application, Grid –Based Decision Support System (GRIDSS) and Community –driven Environmentally Sustainable Villages Programme (CESVP).

Services offered:

  • Preparations of Peoples Biodiversity Registers (PBRs).
  • Ecology and Biodiversity Studies.
  • Carrying out carbon sequestration studies.
  • Preparation of State of Environment Reports (SoER)
  • Conducting Environmental awareness Training programmes to school children, colleges and universities .

For more details visit www.eptrienvis.nic.in and www.apenvis.nic.in


List of completed “Green Skill Development Programme” (GSDP) in ENVIS-EPTRI, Hyderabad, sponsored by EI Division, MoEFCC.



  1. GSDP – Certificate course on Preparation of Peoples Biodiversity Registers
  2. GSDP – Certificate Course on “Pollution Monitors (Air and Water)”
  3. GSDP – Certificate Course on “Plant Tissue Culture Technique and its Applications”
  4. GSDP – Certificate Course in “Para-Taxonomy” (including Peoples Biodiversity Register)
  5. GSDP – Certificate Course in “Water Budgeting & Auditing”
  6. GSDP – Certificate Course on “Sustain and Enhance Technical Knowledge in Solar Energy Systems”
  7. GSDP -Waste Management (Municipal Solid Waste, Bio Medical Waste, Plastic Waste, E- waste, Construction and Demolition Waste)
  8. GSDP – Environmental Impact Assessment
  9. GSDP – ETP/STP/CETP Operation and maintenance
  10. GSDP – Valuation of Ecosystem Services and Green GDP



  1. GSDP – Plant Tissue Culture Techniques and its Applications
  2. GSDP – Preparation of Peoples Biodiversity Registers
  3. GSDP – Pollution Monitors
  4. GSDP – Environment Impact Assessment
  5. GSDP – Waste Management (Municipal Solid Waste, Bio-Medical Waste, Plastic waste, e-Waste, Construction and demolition waste)
  6. GSDP – Water Budgeting and Auditing
  7. GSDP – ETP/STP/CETP Operation & Maintenance
  8. GSDP – Valuation of Ecosystem Services and Green GDP
  9. GSDP – Sustain and Enhance Technical Knowledge in Solar Energy Systems

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