December 8, 2023, 5:30 pm

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Environmental Information Awareness Capacity Building and Livelihood Programme (EIACP))

(Erstwhile ENVIS)

EPTRI hosts Programme Centre (PC) on EIACP Resource Partner (RP) on Ecology of Eastern Ghats and EIACP Hub on Status of Environment and Related Issues for the state of Telangana funded by Ministry of Environmental , Forest and Climate Change (MoEFCC), Government of India.

The Environmental Information System (ENVIS) came into existence as a plan programme in 1983. ENVIS has been subsumed within the revamped scheme of Environment Education, Awareness, Research and Skill Development. ENVIS is renamed as EIACP (Environmental Information, Awareness, Capacity Building and Livelihood Programme). EIACP serves as a one stop platform for dissemination of environmental information, informed policy formulation on various facets of environment and facilitation of alternate livelihoods through green skilling.

ENVIS Hub on Status of Environment & Related Issues for Telangana:

EIACP Hub on Status of Environment Related Issues for Telangana is hosted by EPTRI. A separate website is maintained by the EIACP Hub with a link to the Indian State Level Basic Environmental Information Database [ISBEID]. The ISBEID is a centralised database maintained by the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Government of India for all the States on 17 parameters pertaining to the environmental issues. The Centre brings out quarterly Newsletter “Paryavaranam” in English on various environmental issues.

EPTRI is an Empanelled Institute for preparation of State of Environment Reports by MoEFCC, Government of India. SoER of combined AP and Hyderabad of 2003 & 2009 are prepared by EPTRI. EIACP Hub has prepared report on State of Environment Report for Telangana State (SoER-TS), 2015 & State of Environment Report of Hyderabad, 2015.

Website: is maintained with links to the bibliographic database, Newsletters with archives. Email:

EIACP conducts Environmental Awareness Programs to School Children, Colleges and Universities on Environmental Important Days like – World Environment Day, World Earth Day and Biodiversity Day etc. The centre brings out Knowledge Products – like stickers, postures, brochures, pamphlets on Environmental issues.

MoEFCC under EIACP (erstwhile ENVIS) has started Green Skill Development Programs (GSDP) to enhance the skills of unemployed youth, which includes People’s Biodiversity Register, Plant Tissue Culture Techniques and its Applications, Para-Taxonomy (including People’s Biodiversity Register) Valuation of Ecosystem Services and Green GDP, Pollution Monitors (Air and Water), Waste Management, Water Budgeting & Auditing, ETP/STP/CETP Operation and Maintenance, Environmental Impact Assessment, Sustain and Enhance Technical Knowledge in Solar Energy Systems.

Aims and Objectives of EIACP:
  • To nurture green, sustainable and inclusive workforce in order to enhance both living and environment standards while fostering gainful and self-employment of youth.
  • To conduct skilling courses not only in traditional areas but also in new emerging areas like electric vehicles, hazardous waste/ Bio-medical waste etc. considering their future scope, requirements and prospects.
  • To be involved in the Mission LiFE (Lifestyle for Environment) being conceptualized by the Ministry.
  • To facilitate technical and environmentally conscious industrial participation focused on sustainable development.
  • To develop national and international collaboration for knowledge exchange and skilling and facilitating attainment of the SDGs.
  • To aid sustainable livelihoods of tribal population especially in NER based on traditional knowledge and crafts.
  • To facilitate informed decisions and policy making by catering to demand for research, innovation and data on emerging issues related to environment.
  • To facilitate transition to environmentally conscious futuristic citizens including awareness among public/communities on environment related issues.
  • EIACP will be conducting Information related activities, Awareness related activities under the programme including capacity building courses, GSDP, mass awareness campaigns and Mission Life activities.

EIACP Accolades:
  • Asian Record Book 2020
  • Asia Book of Records & Telangana Golden Book of Records 2018
  • Best Conservation Award from Andhra Pradesh State Biodiversity Board 2017.
Services Offered by EIACP Hub:
  • Preparation of State of Environment Reports
  • Establishment of Herbal Garden
  • Environment Awareness programs
  • Internship Programs for Students.