October 4, 2023, 6:16 pm

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Waste Recycling Complex (WRC)

The Per capital waste generation in the city is 500grams were as at EPTRI is 20gm per person. Paper, green leaf and the PET bottles are the major sources of waste apart from chemical waste generation at EPTRI campus. EPTRI subscribes to sustainable Development through scientific Waste Management Further, EPTRI aims to model a Circle Economy there by achieving ideally a Zero waste disposal centre. 13th SDG Speaks of responsible consumption and production. Employees of EPTRI resolved to implement the objectives to the best of ability for reduce reuse recycling repair and refurbish (5Rs).

Salient features of WRC are to convert the waste into useful products

  • Organic fertilizer from Leaf Composting
  • Bio-mass Briquettes from Leaves and wooden stems
  • Plastic bricks and oil from Plastic waste
  • Incense Sticks from Flower Waste
  • shredding of PET Bottle to Flakes

The main goal of WRC is to:

  • Provide Hands on Training to Students, Learners and other Officials
  • A practical guide to all the Team engaged in Waste Management
  • A model for other Institutions
  • Make a plastic and litter free campus with good ambience