Initiatives of Telangana Government

  • Haritha Haram: Mission to plant 2.3 billion trees. Achieved plantation of 232.77 crores plants under the flagship programme of the Telangana Government so far.

  • Mission Kakatiya (Our Village –Our Tank): Restoration of 46,531 minor Irritation tanks in 5 years to enhance the agriculture-based income for small and marginal farmers. So far around 27,665 tanks were resorted up to September, 2021.

  • Renewable Energy: The cumulative capacity of renewable energy commissioned in Telangana is 4387.19 MW (As on 30th September, 2021)

Initiatives of EPTRI

  • EPTRI prepared State Action Plan on Climate Change (SAPCC) for the erstwhile Andhra Pradesh and then for the State of Telangana

  • EPTRI secured the project "Resilient Agricultural Households through Adaptation to Climate change in Mahabubnagar district, Telangana (RAH-ACT)" from MoEF &CC under NAFCC. EPTRI executing the project in association with DoA, PJTSAU and ICRCISAT. The cost of the project is  Rs 24 Cr.

  • EPTRI executing “Strengthening the State Climate Change Centre/Cell (SCCC) in the State of Telangana” sanctioned by Department of Science & Technology

  • EPTRI preparing the “State Specific Action Plans (SSAP) on Water Sector for Telangana,  Nagaland and Mizoram  States in accordance with ToR given by MoWR RD & GR , GoI

  • EPTRI secured the project "Restoration of Degraded Landscape to Natural Systems for Climate Resilience and Livelihood Improvement of Vulnerable Communities" from MoEF & CC under NAFCC. EPTRI executing the project in association with Forestry Department, Govt. of Telangana. The cost of the project is  Rs 24.60 Cr.


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